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PopSci New Green Tech

28 Nov

The December 2011 issue of Popular Science is their annual Best Innovations of the Year and included two in their Green Tech section that stood out to me. The first is Wysips, a flexible, transparent solar film.

Wysips, from Popular Science


Inventive Thinking…Constructing Wind Turbines with a Pick Up?!

23 Nov

When talking about innovation, you don’t necessarily need tons of money, big equipment, or a ton of fan support to get something done.  Sometimes all you need is a little invention.  With fuel prices between $6 and $7 per gallon in the remote locations of Alaska, heat and electricity costs are sky-high.  With that in mind, one town decided that windpower would be a fantastic solution.  There’s just one problem…how can you get a crane to a remote rural town without sending construction costs through the roof?

Easy…use a Ford F-150 pick up truck!

“The tribal leaders of the small village of Perryville on the Alaska Peninsula in a far corner of Southwest Alaska believe the wind has saved them $66,000 to date. The wind in Perryville does not blow particularly hard, but it comes steady off the Gulf of Alaska to spin 10 Skystream 3.7 wind turbines.

Villagers hoisted them into the air in November of 2008 using a winch mounted on a Ford F-250 pickup truck. Then they wired them into the grid connecting the village’s power to three, existing diesel turbines. The entire project cost $150,000″

You know what they say…”Necessity is the mother of invention.”

For the full article:  http://jump.dexigner.com/news/23115