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Why is everything WHITE?!

26 Mar

As a designer, I have always found some semblance of an appeal to white.  It provides an open canvas, gives a “pristine” appearance, and creates intriguing contrasts and focal points in relationship to it’s adjacent surroundings.  But seriously, when is too much white TOO MUCH WHITE?

Case in point: I have been glancing at my CONTEMPORIST email subscription for, basically, one minute per day. Not much time, I know, but it is enough to get a quick inspiration or moment of disgust at the design the email is presenting to me.  The last three emails in a row presented some beautifully designed homes, except for one thing…they were all white.  No, I’m serious, inside and out, all white. Now, again, I understand SOME appeal to white, but three in a row as all white…isn’t that a bit much?

Below are the three houses (and my quick opinions)