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A Narrow Victory [ Dwell Magazine ] – Creativity and Invention

28 Nov

A recent Dwell Magazine email update drew my attention to this great New York City apartment renovation.  Most would think it impossible for a family of 4 to live in 700 square feet, but these guys make it look easy!

A Narrow Victory [ Dwell Magazine ]


The Future of Cities [ TED talks ]

21 Nov

What’s your vision of a “sustainable” city?  Much of what we see today are cities full of buildings covered in trees, plants, waterfalls, and other natural items.  However, a sustainable city isn’t a city pasted over by a green film…check out what Alex Steffen has to say:


What I like most about his talk is the fact that he wants us to THINK DIFFERENT…greening anything isn’t just about the green on top, it’s about the systems underneath, the nitty gritty things that aren’t always talked about.  He makes a good point…what about rain collection systems, animal pollination, and the recovery of carbon?  Many of these things aren’t seen on the outside, so many people ignore them, but they are an extremely important component of moving our future forward.


Think Different

23 Oct

This is one of the most inspirational ads ever created and I think everyone should aspire to be among those shown in the ad.