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Less isn’t More, it’s Less

9 Mar

I just happened to be watching Hulu when out of the blue Embassy Suites decided to attack the greatest person to ever live: Mies van der Rohe!

It just caught me off guard to hear someone going after Less is More, apparently they don’t get it with their large suite rooms!

Saving Architecture

3 Nov

I was just reading an article from the newspaper that my parent’s sent to me about a Frank Lloyd Wright house that is for sale and came across one line that really struck me:

“(Frank Lloyd Wright Wisconsin) has no plans to buy the Arena house, Lilek said, because it already has a similar one. Also, the group wants the row of houses to be lived in. It was important to Wright to have people live in architect-designed homes, Lilek said.”

In market for a Frank Lloyd Wright house?
Sunday Republican, October 9, 2011