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Real Life Color Project

13 May

One of my personal favorite assignments in the first year of studio at IIT was the Color Project. It was a really simple concept: take a piece of mdf, cut it into shapes, paint them colors, present. There was a bit more to it where you had to actually have a concept and make a reason to the colors. When I came across the Sugamo Shinkin Bank, by Emmanuelle Moureaux Architecture + Design, all I could think is that it must have been designed by an IIT student with the color project in mind.

© Nacasa & Partners Inc.

© Nacasa & Partners Inc.


I-GO Solar

14 Dec

I-GO recently announced that they will be constructing 18 solar charging stations and will be adding 36 electric vehicles to its fleet. One of the locations for these solar charging stations will be right here on the IIT campus.

Rendering of Solar Charging Station


Sinking Crown

29 Nov

I recently saw this image on the front of the cover of the Chicago Reader.

The Titanic, 1978 by Stanley Tigerman

It is a work by Stanley Tigerman meant to be a commentary on the movement towards Postmodernism. For all of us who spent more time than we wanted to in Crown there is a slight pleasure to see it sinking into Lake Michigan.

IIT Architecture among the best

17 Nov

The institute we all know and love has received some good marks for the architecture program. The results come from the 13th annual America’s Best Architecture and Design Schools survey and were recently reported in IIT Today. I am rather happy to hear that firms in the Midwest rank the undergraduate program as #2. Overall we rank #17 nationwide and #3 in the Midwest. For those of us searching for jobs this is just more proof that a degree from IIT is still highly regarded in the field.

Saving Architecture

3 Nov

I was just reading an article from the newspaper that my parent’s sent to me about a Frank Lloyd Wright house that is for sale and came across one line that really struck me:

“(Frank Lloyd Wright Wisconsin) has no plans to buy the Arena house, Lilek said, because it already has a similar one. Also, the group wants the row of houses to be lived in. It was important to Wright to have people live in architect-designed homes, Lilek said.”

In market for a Frank Lloyd Wright house?
Sunday Republican, October 9, 2011