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“We found our architect”

14 Mar

The contractors said they couldn’t do it. They hated the designs from many of the architects. The Zielinski’s wanted something different, but no one seemed to bite.

Then they talked to Mr. Fisher of Fisher Architecture. Ms. Zielinski recalled her reaction to the paper towel drawing from Mr. Fisher:

 ‘I was very calm, but my whole insides, there was like a party going on. I went out to the factory and said to Bob, ‘We have our architect.’

An Industrial Strength House in Pittsburgh

What a reaction! Consider this … a large percentage of the general public does not get to experience a working relationship with an architect. Therefore, we have a responsibility to go out there and create great architecture for our clients. For the Zielinski’s, many of the architects they spoke with were producing bland, boring, or otherwise terrible architecture that did not meet their needs or wants.  How disappointing … but then Fisher Architecture came along and showed them a path toward their dreams. And what a success it was!

Now, I’ll be honest…


Saving Architecture

3 Nov

I was just reading an article from the newspaper that my parent’s sent to me about a Frank Lloyd Wright house that is for sale and came across one line that really struck me:

“(Frank Lloyd Wright Wisconsin) has no plans to buy the Arena house, Lilek said, because it already has a similar one. Also, the group wants the row of houses to be lived in. It was important to Wright to have people live in architect-designed homes, Lilek said.”

In market for a Frank Lloyd Wright house?
Sunday Republican, October 9, 2011