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The Mysterious

12 Jan

The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and science.  – Albert Einstein

I think this quote explains why some architecture is so powerful. When you get that perfect combination of functionality with the mysterious you can create an amazing building. The mysterious doesn’t have to be as crazy as hidden doors, it can be as simple as Crown Hall with it’s mysterious hanging roof.

Sinking Crown

29 Nov

I recently saw this image on the front of the cover of the Chicago Reader.

The Titanic, 1978 by Stanley Tigerman

It is a work by Stanley Tigerman meant to be a commentary on the movement towards Postmodernism. For all of us who spent more time than we wanted to in Crown there is a slight pleasure to see it sinking into Lake Michigan.

Saving Architecture

3 Nov

I was just reading an article from the newspaper that my parent’s sent to me about a Frank Lloyd Wright house that is for sale and came across one line that really struck me:

“(Frank Lloyd Wright Wisconsin) has no plans to buy the Arena house, Lilek said, because it already has a similar one. Also, the group wants the row of houses to be lived in. It was important to Wright to have people live in architect-designed homes, Lilek said.”

In market for a Frank Lloyd Wright house?
Sunday Republican, October 9, 2011