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Louis LeRoy – Endless Work in Time and Space

19 Apr

What would you do with a pile of bricks?

After a great showing of “Into the Garden of Glass and Steel,” we dramatically switched gears to focus on the patient and, in some ways, odd work of Dutch artist Louis LeRoy. He works alongside several friends in Mildam in the North of Holland on what he calls the “Ecokathedraal.” If you are anything like me, the idea of a Cathedral usually brings about visions of larger scale, often ornate religious architectural design.  However, the Ecokathedraal was nothing of the sort.

Dutch artist Louis LeRoy

We were first met with a pile or rubble: bricks, chunks of stone, and other solid building materials dumped on a seemingly random (but beautiful) site as the dumping ground for construction waste.  Then comes along an aged, Dutch artist, who begins to tell a story of his vision in his native language while the film translated through subtitles. What we were left with was nothing less than something beautiful.


Into the Garden of Glass and Steel

18 Apr

This movie was a great way to kick of the Architecture and Design Film Festival. Into the Garden of Glass and Steel was a very strong portrayal of how the Canary Wharf section of London has been turned into an engineered world devoid of life. The tone of the movie was very negative against this grouping of buildings and explained the are in very Orwellian terms.

“Representative democracy had been replaced by the surveillance camera”

Canary Whart, London, United Kingdom