The Value of Art

8 Apr

I was really impressed by the quality and content of this article by Penn Jillette on Money and Art:

Vissa D’arte Even on The Celebrity Apprentice

The event in question (for reference and entertainment):

I have found that the idea of the conflict between money and art is one that runs deep in architecture. Just look at modernism, yes it was something new at the time but the key to its success is that a box happens to provide a very economical building. The thing is that very few of those boxes are built with any though to quality and look. I really felt that Penn got across the point that we can’t always just think about the money and that sometimes it is important to stop and admire the art (and world) around us. I think it is best summed up by the quote:

Trying to explain to Donald Trump that beauty and art can be more important than money is like trying to explain to Donald Trump that beauty and art can be more important than money.

Trump is about as iconic a figure as there could be for someone who is all about money. Yes his places are covered in gold but not because it looks good but because he wants to show off he has more money than you (excluding the billionaires who happen to be reading this). In a mind like that there is no difference between the way the Blue Men gave money and just tossing it in the trash but there is so much more. People need to stop and realize the value of quality verse the Walmartization of our society where it must be better if it costs less.

I love that the Blue Men don’t have any concept of money and the truth is if you ask for a donation from them that is what you are going to get, they don’t do normal! This is one of my greatest problems with going into architecture is that I know someday I will be asked to make a box because it is cheaper and I will be very upset when that day comes. Until then I can keep imagining great and wonderful things and hope you do the same.

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