Self-driving Car

2 Apr

It has been a while since having heard about Google making a self-driving car but I never thought of all the ways it could be used:

When I first hear about the self-driving car my thoughts went to how convenient it would be to have time in the car to do things or how it could help improve safety by removing those careless (and stupid) mistakes made by drivers all the time (talking on a phone, changing the radio, texting, drinking). It never struck me that this would allow people who couldn’t drive at all to have a car and I really like how they did it with this video and not reveal it until near the end. Things like this are just amazing that something the rest of us take as an improvement to our lives could radically change someone else’s. I wish more companies would be willing to put money towards things like this and it amazes me that not a single car company is even close to the work an internet company is on self driving cars.

I suggest making it a goal (I know it is one of mine) to work for and support companies that aren’t just out for the bottom line but are abide by an all appropriate slogan of “Don’t be evil.”

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  1. Ryan April 9, 2012 at 12:35 PM #

    WOW! This is so inspiring. I’ll be honest, I have had some skepticism/fear over the “self-driving” car idea, but this really brings to life the possibilities that forward thinking can have. I must agree that I’m surprised that other companies haven’t started working on this as much as Google has done. However, that just proves Google’s continued innovation and inspiration into the forward progression of our world!

    To expand on Google, a friend of mine brought to my attention another crazy invention by Google…augmented reality glasses! These are crazy cool, but again, a bit scary to think about how our world is progressing at such a rapid pace. Either way, you have to check out the video in this article!

    Aric, I love your goal of supporting companies that look beyond the bottom line. Whether it is innovation in technology, environment, culture, or anything else, companies that look beyond the bottom line will be the ones that progress society in a good direction. The more people we can get to do this, the better our world will become.

    Aric, thank you for the inspiration…and count me in on your goal!

  2. Aric April 11, 2012 at 9:18 PM #

    Honestly, as much as I like the idea of easy access to information I don’t know if I would use augmented reality glasses more than a few times just for fun. There is something to be said about having a chance to experience life and having to figure some things out on your own. I do enjoy having a smartphone and being able to get info when I need it but I don’t use it all the time and sometimes I do enjoy just wandering around the city without constantly knowing everything I am looking at.

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