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31 Mar

Is a urinal sexist? How about one that is in the shape of lips?

Those urinals are in the Rolling Stones Museum in Lüchow, Germany and have come under attack for looking too feminine and therefore being sexist. I think the best part is that the urinals were designed by a women and personally don’t think there is anything wrong with them. Yeah they are out of the ordinary but they are based on the band’s logo and honestly make the bathroom something more than just a place to go. I don’t get why everyone is so easily upset, maybe someone could explain it to me?

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One Response to “Open Up”

  1. Ryan April 1, 2012 at 11:06 PM #

    WOW! I’m disgusted that this is even an issue.

    First of all, it’s hilarious that these were design by a woman, yet the uproar is from women. Hello! Not only is that comical, but that ruins the argument that these are women’s lips…why would she design them as women’s lips to be “sexist”? Again, hello!

    I think the Mayor makes a good point too, one that is most important about ART (yes, the toilets are FUNCTIONAL SCULPTURES people!): “You can’t argue about personal taste and art, everyone interprets it themselves and draws their own conclusions. People who don’t like them should avoid them.”

    I personally think Ulli’s response was the best…they were really expensive and they’re staying, and that’s final!

    Aric…I don’t think there is answer for your question unfortunately…IT’S ART PEOPLE! If you don’t like it, AVOID THEM!

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