23 Mar

A few of us ventured over to the opening of the Chicago Photography Collective’s newest exhibit: KIZUNA: THE BONDS OF EMOTION

This exhibit was slightly different than the normal CPC exhibits but was in its own way all the more interesting. Normally the photos are some great shots taken by the members of the CPC but this time the photos were from Japanese photographers who managed to get some amazing shots after the earthquake last year. My first thought was this is way more depressing than I was expecting (having not know at all the subject) but as you view the exhibit it really is quite touching. The images start with the disaster and tragedy that came with it but move to photos from around six months later that show some of the same people as they overcome the tragedy. Most amazing to me was the amount of people in the photos who seemed to genuinely be happy to help in any way they can. Now if only everyone could be that nice.

If you get a chance go and check it out before it closes at the end of the month:

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