Shadows of Doom

14 Mar

What makes a heritage site? In some cases I would agree the sun is important but how important is the sun to a place such as the Tower of London? Does it really make a difference if a skyscraper is put up next-door?

Tower of London

I might be a bit biased here (I do love skyscrapers) but I don’t know if what surrounds a heritage site is what defines it. Yes there are some key things like if the river was to be moved but I think having skyscrapers and other modern buildings just add to the diversity of a city. That a shadow from the shard might remove the Tower of London’s Heritage status listing just seems out-of-place. Should we remove all the trees because they cast shadows too, or how about smaller buildings that are much closer (and therefore I think more contextually relevant)? In reality these towers I feel just give new perspectives on the city:

Tower of London from Swiss Re Tower

One of the strongest arguments that it harms the site is that all the tall buildings make it look like a “Toy Castle” but even then I don’t know if that is true. When I went I will admit that the Tower of London is small in comparison to most castles but there is an allure about it that I think no amount of tall buildings can take away. Again maybe I am just biased but I don’t think skyscrapers are ruining the Tower of London, they are just redefining it.

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