Where does the building begin?

27 Mar

This one project just struck me when I first saw it. Yes it has some really interesting curves but what really fascinated me was the way the building seemed to grow out of the ground. It seems to almost be growing out of the ground with no defined edge leading me to the question:

Where does the building begin?

Nanjing Jianning Highrise

I am especially a fan of the one side that starts off as the podium wall then twists to become a lawn where people can sit before turning back up to become one of the walls of the skyscraper. I think this move is what makes the rest of the curves not seem as whimsical. Overall the building fits, in my eyes, into the category of “curvy because we can” but there are few moments where the curves feel logical or thought through to me.

Diagram of the design theory

This diagram shows how the design is meant to relate to the landscape of the site but I get lost at the last step, the one labeled Urban Mountain. The first few make sense to me: lower the height to fit into the scale of the site, split it into two to reduce mass, and make it not block the river but what is the logic to have it jump to twists and curves like it does? In the end though, the twists and curves did get me to stop. I am an overall fan of this building because of that one wall but I still do question how well the building would function and does it need all the curves.

See the original article here: http://www.evolo.us/architecture/nangjing-jianning-highrise-complex-proposal-blends-with-the-landscape-w2y2l/

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