10 Feb

Being green doesn’t mean you always have to make a statement. I came across this article about the largest solar array in Manhattan. What struck me is that even though this is so big it was very well blended into the current architecture. It is simple moves like this that are so powerful, hiding some solar panels among a similar colored south facing roof.

Deutsche Bank Solar

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  1. Ryan March 4, 2012 at 7:47 PM #

    This is pretty fantastic! Such a large system at such a height is showing the push for more innovation among companies, especially in highrise situations. It is great to see the bank pushing for their lofty sustainability goals, and I am sure we will hear more about them soon.

    One immediate thought I have concerns PV panel efficiency. Unfortunately, today’s PV systems do not have the efficiency needed to power our energy future. That said, my immediate though was concerning the upgrade potential for their system. I am curious if they planned for upgrading their PV panels as more efficient systems become available. This is an important topic we, as designers, engineers, and builders, need to consider moving forward toward a more alternative-energy driven future.

    Another interesting point is in regards to an article directly below this one: In the article (again, following the one above), they discuss a Toys-R-Us rooftop solar array as the largest in the world and would be completed after the bank’s system. This makes me see a trend in companies indirectly competing for “who has the largest renewable energy array.” If this is the case, this some-what friendly competition could be an excellent push toward renewable energy and continued renewable energy innovation. Not only are companies creating better energy portfolios, but they are also helping the planet and paving the way for more “green-collar” jobs and continued sustainability growth.

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