Over-the-top Houses

22 Jan

I don’t think any of these houses would win any awards for their outstanding architecture but I must say if I had the money I wouldn’t mind getting one.

Warning: Over the top houses to follow.

Arkansas Castle

The one I think I would like most is #5, tha Arkansas Castle, because really who doesn’t want a castle.

Other highlights include:

#4 The cliff top residence built with plexiglass roof so you can watch the waves crash over it.

Timber Cove Plexiglass Ceiling

Timber Cove

#6 Castle in the Bronx because how awesome is a castle then you put it in one of the largest cities in the world.

Castle in the Bronx

#1 A green dome that looks like a UFO. Most interesting about this one is that it rotates to take advantage of the sun based on what is happening on the inside.

The Green UFO

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