Architectural Agency and a Theater that Remakes Itself [ TED Talks ]

14 Dec

Joshua Prince-Ramus makes a strong point about architects:

architects are for decorative purposes only, and architects are cowards

Ouch…but he makes some valid points that are very true about our industry that can be summed up by the warning label on a construction helment…check it out

Joshua’s video is two parts that are both fantastic.  The first part outlines the unfortunate state of much of the architecture industry at present while addressing some excellent ideas for moving forward.  The second outlines an innovative project that shows how these steps can create amazing built form!

Architectural Agency  Unfortunately, I think Joshua hits the nail on the head with his description of our present condition in the architecture industry.  I am starting to feel that this “decorative purposes only” approach is why many young people are frustrated with the current industry.  This provides a great opportunity for us to move the definition of architect to a new level and create amazing, function architecture in near future!  I appreciate how he approaches the problem as well, and we have a great opportunity to learn about the three biggest things he has discovered as being effective: CORE ISSUES, JOINT POSITIONS, and ARCHITECTURAL MANIFESTATIONS. While we certainly have a lot of general things to learn to become great architects, these are great points to carry forward toward the creation of good architecture.  Take note!

A Theater that Remakes Itself  Joshua’s project discussion speaks volumes about the approach he talked about at the beginning of the video.  The Wyly Theater is amazing!  I feel that this theater presents a unique balance between functionality, built form, traditional thinking, and innovative thought.  In addition to a brilliant form of architecture, they also creating new avenues for their client to move forward, and I think all of these points and more represent true forward thinking in our industry.



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