I-GO Solar

14 Dec

I-GO recently announced that they will be constructing 18 solar charging stations and will be adding 36 electric vehicles to its fleet. One of the locations for these solar charging stations will be right here on the IIT campus.

Rendering of Solar Charging Station

This is awesome to see that I-GO will be having green cars while at the same time IIT is working with them to install the charging station (you can see the hole for it in the parking lot just north of MTCC where the I-GO cars are currently located). I hope that this will help move IIT toward a more sustainable campus (Mies really didn’t help us out) and spread that electric vehicles don’t have to be little weaklings.

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One Response to “I-GO Solar”

  1. Ryan December 14, 2011 at 8:13 PM #

    Fantastic! I've been hearing about this all summer, and I'm so excited to see this on the IIT campus and beyond. I think it's great that IGO, especially as a non-profit, can get this implemented. As you said, I think this will do great things to push IIT forward in sustainability. More importantly, however, is that IGO will introduce the broader public to the electric vehicle market, helping to show the benefits of the electric car while being a catalyst for societal change.

    Plus, this will give the public the chance to see that, like you said, electric cars are no weaklings!

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