60 Richmond

28 Nov

I was flipping through an issue of Architectural Record and was amazed by a photo I came across.

60 Richmond central courtyard, from Architectural Record, July 2010

I probably would have never read the article on the building if I had not come across the photo. What really struck me was how beautiful this photo was considering that it is of public housing. It was not that striking of a project from the outside but there was something stunning (and somewhat science-fiction) about this image of the interior courtyard.

Front Facade of 60 Richmond

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  1. Laurie November 29, 2011 at 5:07 AM #

    Definitely can't judge the quality of space from the facade, its like judging a book by its cover. I like this building more knowing that is public housing, and the fact that is has a nice little secret just for its residences. The outlook that people have on public housing needs to change, because there not like the projects that have been torn down, they're better and for a new age.

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