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28 Nov

The December 2011 issue of Popular Science is their annual Best Innovations of the Year and included two in their Green Tech section that stood out to me. The first is Wysips, a flexible, transparent solar film.

Wysips, from Popular Science

Since I didn’t believe it at first I included the photo above. This is one of those inventions that can change architecture and solar energy. I have no clue how much it costs but if it can be brought to a reasonable enough cost the material is able to be integrated into many other materials including being put in glass or even fabric. There is a cell phone that will be using this in the screen next fall and will provide 30 minutes of use from an hour of light so I am assuming it won’t be that expensive. It is not as transparent as standard glass and could easily be used to tint windows to decrease the sunlight entering a building while at the same time providing power. It could also be included on roof tiles of houses eliminating one of the largest arguments to solar of having the big panels on the roof. I personally am really excited about this material and would really hope it can be easily integrated into new projects.

Now that I got the really exciting one out of the way, the other one that struck my interest was a new small (meant for houses) windmill design. The Windtronics Honeywell Wind Turbine moves the energy generation from the center to an outer ring to use the faster moving blade tips to pull more energy out of the wind.

Windtronics Honeywell Wind Turbine

I am not an expert on prices of wind turbines nor on the efficiency of them and the best options but I would start to think that a 6′ diameter turbine for $5,795 plus installation is a bit on the expensive side. I like the idea but would be interested in how much more it produces (they say it is the most efficient in the class) than a standard turbine.

These two are just some of the many innovations coming out in the green tech field and hopefully we can keep innovating and see more unique things like these sooner rather than later.

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