A Narrow Victory [ Dwell Magazine ] – Creativity and Invention

28 Nov

A recent Dwell Magazine email update drew my attention to this great New York City apartment renovation.  Most would think it impossible for a family of 4 to live in 700 square feet, but these guys make it look easy!

A Narrow Victory [ Dwell Magazine ]

What sucked me in the most was the shear inventiveness of the designers/builders in their pursuit for getting “the most bang for your buck” in terms of space use.  The desk folding down that revealed bookshelves (above), the kid’s bed/work space/tack board, the underbed storage with additional storage below the floor…all these moves meant a reinvention of the space within the confinement of tight quarters.

The biggest lesson I see from this project (and others like it) is the reevaluation of how we use space and what defines it.  First of all, this design uses every square inch of space for something, which (in my opinion) is really the best way to use space!  Second, and probably most important, is the idea of how we function as people within space.  This family does in 700 square feet what many of us do in 1200, 2000, or even 3000 square feet.  What does this family do differently that we don’t do?  Now, of course, everyone lives differently, but it really makes you think about how we might be able to better use our spaces, reduce our footprint, and (by reducing the size of the space we use) put a few bucks back in our pockets.

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