Money and the display of information

25 Nov

The comic this Monday from XKCD was a depiction of money and it’s relative value.


Money from XKCD

Larger image available from XKCD:

What I found so fascinating about this graph was how well it clarified the quantities that are being looked at. Some of the numbers are still hard to understand but at least they are put in perspective. One thing that I really like about this chart is that there are lots of serious points on this chart but to help put it in perspective there are many less serious points that the average person can relate to. Making things easier to relate to can help a lot in making things like the millions, billions, and trillions more understandable.

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One Response to “Money and the display of information”

  1. Ryan November 27, 2011 at 11:35 PM #

    Wow…I can’t even comprehend this…

    While it’s going to take some time to absorb all this information, I agree that I can appreciate their graphical representation of the information. They left much of it technical while creating points of relation for everyone to understand at some point in each section of the poster.

    I really appreciate the relationships for what it means for a multitude of societal norms today (uh oh, beware, side tangent…). So many things are left technical, complicated, or “fancy” for the sake of something looking like it’s above everyone else. The legal jargon that accompanies everything, the financial system that seems un-comprehendable, the architecture that only makes sense to other architects…it all makes me think that we would be able to function better as a society if everything was more understood! Just sayin’

    Really interesting poster!

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