Recycling Gets Real: Plastics [ TED Talks ]

21 Nov

I know that many people question the recycling process and how well it really works.  As an avid recycler, even I question the realities of recycling, and the biggest questions come to the realm of recycling plastics.  Plastics 1-7, certain factories only do certain types, ooops can’t do plastic film, bla bla bla…there are so many issues with plastic recycling!

Well, here you go green fans…now, plastic recycling gets real…real sustainability, real economics, real recycling!

It’s extremely exciting to see recycling become a real, legitimate process that everyone can get excited about.  And now the next step boils down to buying the products that use Mike’s plastic.  By purchasing these products, they come into more demand, creating more need for these types of plants and more desire to reuse the “stuff” that we throw away.

Now, of course, I can’t talk about this without related back to the built environment…buildings use an immense amount of resources.  The challenge then turns to “how do we reduce, reuse, or otherwise improve on our use of materials?”  Nature is extremely resourceful and produces little waste, as it finds ways to reuse materials within an ecosystem.

I think the real challenge is this: how do we approach our built environment’s use of materials like that of nature, the recycling process, or the beauty of reusing our “stuff”?

We can recycle plastic…just sayin…

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