Green Retrofits on existing housing in Urban Areas

15 Nov

Found this article reading my weekly Urban Green Council e-mail. Made me think back to all the good times in IIT’s College of Architecture… I think to the Mec/Elec classes learning the basics about reducing energy in design, then re-learning them in Energy Conscious Design, and to the stories told in “The Dwelling” of the houses that were fixed up by Professor Davis. I also remember people thinking its a good idea and something to add to the list of things they’d want to do after they graduate.

Now in a report that will be published by Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation and Living Cities the idea now is that those fixer uppers will be retrofitted with the means to create Energy Savings, because now there are actually numbers to back up all the talk that older buildings can be made green and that the cost put in will in fact be made back in energy savings. This totally justifies my wanting to retrofit my grandmothers 5 family residence in downtown Brooklyn, this report just made it easier to help convince my family to maybe let me do it. *Fingers Crossed*

See NY Times Article:
Study Clarifies the Energy Savings in Retrofitted Buildings

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2 Responses to “Green Retrofits on existing housing in Urban Areas”

  1. Aric November 15, 2011 at 7:25 AM #

    One of the biggest challenges I have seen to green design has been this fear of losing money. I am glad we are starting to finally see studies that show there are savings to being green and hope this makes it easier to convince clients to take the green route. As for your family residences, I would say go for it and would like to hear about what you do and how well it works.

    • Ryan November 18, 2011 at 12:09 PM #

      I couldn't agree more…it's refreshing to see that "going green" means green for the environment and green in your pocket. It is great to finally see some concrete evidence of cost savings! Additionally, this is a great step toward the article's comments regarding energy audits for buildings, the sharing of information, and the need for financial reform. I think we could see some brighter futures ahead in these departments. Great article, thank you Laurie!

      As far as your house…great stuff. I am interested to see what your family thinks. Go for it, and remember, you've got an army of friends that can help you out, I'm certainly interested!

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