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Time for Change: Repositioning Architects and the AIA

16 Apr

The economy has been rough.  Tensions have built between architects, owners, contractors, consultants, etc. Much of the public has limited understanding of what we do, and the architecture profession is going through some turmoil right now. There are even segments of our industry that feel that architects aren’t needed. Many architects and building professionals are ready for something to change and are looking for an avenue to make that happen.


The AIA has announced a year-long initiative titled “Repositioning the Institute” aimed at discovering how to truly move the architecture profession forward. Many people believe that the public definition of the architect and the profession is outdated and inadequate, and Jeff Potter, FAIA, puts it rather beautifully:  “The public thinks design is a noun – we know design is a verb.”


Parametric Legos

6 Mar

Ever since I learned about parametric design I have struggled for a good way to explain it to someone who doesn’t know what it is. I could always come up with decent explanations that would make sense to those who knew what I was talking about but still left those who hadn’t dealt with parametric design in a confused state. Who know this might just sound like gibberish again but I think this exhibit of students variations of Lego towers could be just the visual I needed.

KRADS | Open The Tower


Money and the display of information

25 Nov

The comic this Monday from XKCD was a depiction of money and it’s relative value.


Money from XKCD


IIT Architecture among the best

17 Nov

The institute we all know and love has received some good marks for the architecture program. The results come from the 13th annual America’s Best Architecture and Design Schools survey and were recently reported in IIT Today. I am rather happy to hear that firms in the Midwest rank the undergraduate program as #2. Overall we rank #17 nationwide and #3 in the Midwest. For those of us searching for jobs this is just more proof that a degree from IIT is still highly regarded in the field.

Want to Get Inspired?

26 Oct

There is a new website that can help you get inspired!


Wookmark is a website based around the sharing, collecting, and saving of imagery used by anyone and everyone in their inspirational projects.  There are some great images on the site … get inspired, and inspire others!