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Less isn’t More, it’s Less

9 Mar

I just happened to be watching Hulu when out of the blue Embassy Suites decided to attack the greatest person to ever live: Mies van der Rohe!

It just caught me off guard to hear someone going after Less is More, apparently they don’t get it with their large suite rooms!

Over-the-top Houses

22 Jan

I don’t think any of these houses would win any awards for their outstanding architecture but I must say if I had the money I wouldn’t mind getting one.

Warning: Over the top houses to follow.

Arkansas Castle


Happy Holidays!

11 Dec

Happy Holidays from us here at ToastingDesign!

Christmas Construction Plans.pdf

Happy Thanksgiving

24 Nov

And here is some architecture from Turkey:

From Nataraj Metz's Flicker

Hope everyone has a great Thanksgiving!