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Porous City Lego

6 Mar

MVDRV Porous City, Photo: Frans Parthesius

MVDRV Porous City, Photo: Frans Parthesius

Architecture Firm MVRDV has created the “Porous City” exhibit in Cannes which consisted of a series of studies on the porosity of skyscrapers through the use of sixteen LEGO Towers. (more…)

Happy Friday!

3 Aug

HAPPY FRIDAY from those of us at ToastingDesign!

You Have the Right to Remain…

20 May

AWESOME … have a great week everyone!

Lego Architecture with Rem Koolhaas

13 May

Lego Architectuere with Rem Koolhaas

A few weeks ago on The Simpsons episode “A Totally Fun Thing Bart Will Never Do Again” the image above was briefly seen showing Rem Koolhaas building a copy of CCTV out of Lego bricks. Totally would go on that cruise!

A Brick Tent?

3 May

If anyone is going up to Wrigley Field take a look at this tent next-door, it has a brick wall!

A Tent with a Brick wall

Upon closer inspection it is just a false brick paneling but still pretty odd to see a tent of brick.

I swear this wasn’t upside-down yesterday!

28 Apr

Must have been a bad night out! (more…)

Brasilia’s Birthday

22 Apr

Google is celebrating the birthday of Brasilia through a great doodle:

What is absolutely awesome is they got Oscar Niemeyer to draw it for them! He is the designer of many of the buildings that make up Brasilia (and happen to be depicted in the doodle). Even more amazing is he is alive at 104 and still working!


Happy Architecture Week!

9 Apr

Happy Architecture Week Everyone!

AIA has declared April 8-14 Architecture Week so everyone should take a moment this week to look at the architecture around them.

Major Donation: Jobs Available

1 Apr

Toasting Design is pleased to announce we have received a major donation from an anonymous donor. As part of the donation we have been asked to travel and photo-document architecture around the world for 6 people. This leaves two spots that we will need to fill (see details below). We are extremely grateful for this opportunity and will be sure to make the most of it!

Open Up

31 Mar

Is a urinal sexist? How about one that is in the shape of lips?