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14 Apr

Sandworm © Nikita Wu

Willow and sand are the only two materials used to make this amazing structure on the coast of Belgium yet it may be one of the most beautiful works of architecture I have seen in a long time.


Where does the building begin?

27 Mar

This one project just struck me when I first saw it. Yes it has some really interesting curves but what really fascinated me was the way the building seemed to grow out of the ground. It seems to almost be growing out of the ground with no defined edge leading me to the question:

Where does the building begin?

Nanjing Jianning Highrise


Auto Show – The Architecture Files

28 Feb

Of course as an architect when I went to the auto show I wasn’t just looking at the cars. Now overall I must say if I was judging the show based on the booths I would have been sadly disappointed but luckily the filled them (as planned of course) and it was a great show.

Auto Show Globe

Chicago Auto Show 2012