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Misty Dubai

13 Apr


Dubai, a city of buildings floating among the clouds.



14 Apr

Sandworm © Nikita Wu

Willow and sand are the only two materials used to make this amazing structure on the coast of Belgium yet it may be one of the most beautiful works of architecture I have seen in a long time.


CTBUH YPC Aqua Presentation

6 Apr

The Council on Tall Buildings and Urban Habitat (disclosure: CTBUH is my employer(feel like I should make this like real news)) Young Professionals Committee held a lecture on Aqua. It was presented by three of the members who worked on the project. What made this presentation strong was that each of them represented a different viewpoint of the design and construction of Aqua. They covered architecture (of course), structural engineering, and construction management. Overall it was a really good presentation.

Aqua (source: Skyscraper Center)



23 Mar

A few of us ventured over to the opening of the Chicago Photography Collective’s newest exhibit: KIZUNA: THE BONDS OF EMOTION


Sky High

19 Feb

The view from up there must be great (Warning: photo not for people afraid of heights)

View from atop the Burj Khalifa


Views from One World Trade Center

16 Feb

Personally I don’t think the new One World Trade Center is going to be all that amazing to look at but these photos from atop the construction of it are without a doubt amazing.

View looking south across the Hudson to New Jersey (who knew it could look so good?)


Sinking Crown

29 Nov

I recently saw this image on the front of the cover of the Chicago Reader.

The Titanic, 1978 by Stanley Tigerman

It is a work by Stanley Tigerman meant to be a commentary on the movement towards Postmodernism. For all of us who spent more time than we wanted to in Crown there is a slight pleasure to see it sinking into Lake Michigan.

60 Richmond

28 Nov

I was flipping through an issue of Architectural Record and was amazed by a photo I came across.

60 Richmond central courtyard, from Architectural Record, July 2010