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Thank You For Your Service (Happy Memorial Day!)

28 May

Memorial Day is a day of barbeques, family/friend gatherings, and a day off from work. But it is much more…it is also a day to remember all those heroes that have fought/still fight to keep our great nation free and safe.

To all those wonderful men and women out there…


God bless you all, and Happy Memorial Day everyone!

“The thing about remembering is that you don’t forget”

Architect Pay on the UP AND UP!

7 May

On this gloomy, rainy Chicago monday, I thought I would pick up your mood with some promising news…architect pay is on it’s way up!

According to the DesignIntelligence Compensation and Benefits Survey 2012, architect salaries and bonuses are rising among architecture and design firms. While I can’t reveal much information because, well, the report costs $90, here is a finding they did reveal:

“An architect with 20-plus years of professional experience is likely to earn $101,101 in salary plus a 5.6 percent bonus, for total annual compensation of $106,769.”

Excellent!  Although we have to wait 20 years to see that income, that figure shows the potential for steady growth as we gain experience in the design field. Not too shabby if you ask me!

Have a great week!